Eco Nuit Parade

Saturday, October 05, 2013
7:00 pm – 7:00 am the next day
Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

ECO NUIT PARADE will bring cutting edge bioart practices to the Toronto audiences through an interdisciplinary art/science parade.  Bioart is a form of contemporary art that uses living biology as its media.  The ECO NUIT PARADE will feature bioart projects that consider the local ecology from a variety of art and technology perspectives.  Our parade will be a “Night Cavalcade” utilizing illumination – digital media – and phosphorescence – to convert the downtown Toronto ecology into a menagerie of imagined, living, and semi-living organisms.  Bystanders will be encouraged to join the parade!

The ECO NUIT PARADE is a co-production between the !dea Gallery at the Ontario Science Centre and INCUBATOR Laboratory in the School for Arts and Creative Innovation at the University of Windsor, Canada.  Dr. Jennifer Willet, in collaboration with Ana Klasnja have invited a variety artists, musicians, and students to produce portable illuminated artworks investigating the complex social, technological, and environmental ecology of contemporary life in Toronto.

Building on the success of last year’s Art and Ecology Parade organized in Windsor, the ECO NUIT PARADE will take to the streets of Toronto.  A Tent home base for the parade will reside on the front lawn of Toronto’s CAMH on Queen Street where the public will be able to interact with parade participants, and see the portable exhibits up close.  At 9:00 pm, 1:00 am, and 5:00 am members of the public will be asked to join the parade marching a 30 min parade.  Musicians and the public will join approx. 30-40 artists and performers. Costumes will glow in the dark!  Devices will emit sound and light!  Spectators eager to join the parade will be given masks, streamers, noisemakers, and take-home lab experiments.

Co-Curated by Ana Klasnja (OCS) and Dr. Jennifer Willet (UofW).

Featured Artists Include:

Rhythmic by Nature

Roberta Buiani and Lisa Carrie Goldberg

Amy Rae
‘GEOFFE the Dragon’

Harmony Pillon
‘Mapping Bits of Canada: Pacific-Atlantic’

Arturo Herrera
‘My Glowing Identity’

Amy Swartz
Excerpt from “Pest”

Special Thanks to: Ana Klasnja, Pearl Van Geest, Kevin Von Appen, Sabrina Greupner, Catherine Harris, Ken Giles, Julia Bennett, Leo Groarke, David Bussiere, Wendy Bedard, Karen Engel, Sherri Lynne Menard, Mike Darroch, Stephen Fields, Teresa Carlesimo, Amanda White, Lauren DiVito, Kacie Auffret, Cylita Guy, Talha Sadiq, Raki Malhotra, Aurelia Engstrom, Gillian Thomas, Filip Miscevic, Derek Hartley, Carl Dixon, Bharati Singh, Laura Service, Kasey D.

Project Assistant: Pearl Van Geest

Parade Construction/Designer Assistant: Billie Mclaughlin

Video Director: Owen Eric Wood

Photographer: Kim Breland

Species Poster Design: Nicole Beno

Faculty Chaperone: Dr. Dr. Ken Giles

University of Windsor Participants: Aaron Moran, Laura Service, Paul Rae, Aaron King, Don Demers, Faliciah Dumoulin, Emily Regnier, Béla Varga, Tania Palcong, Carissa Fontana, Melissa Marchant, Natalie Gaudet, Alyssa Rigney, Brandon Turnbull, Justin Elliott, Elayna Rajsigl, Kristy Cons, Rain Farooqi, Mark Gasparovic, Xiaoxiao Zhang, Amelia Herceg, Lauren Reaume, Han Wang, Kristina Greco, Adam Setosta, Caleigh Arthur, Domenica Mediati, Ben Hajdu, Patrick Bodnar, Isabella Cheng, Miranda Lauzon, Stephanie Guthrie, Amy Thomson, Bryce Clark, Laura Laframboise, Klaudia Sarninska, Lucas Straszak, Ashley Zucchet, Juan Pablo Gomez, Areen Young, Ali Dudharm.

Sponsors include: INTERMINUS Research Group, University of Windsor, Ontario Science Centre, CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health), Rhythmic by Nature, Toronto Therapy Dogs.